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Lindsay Price: So Beautifully Koreamanish, It’s Not Even Funny

Mix one half Korean with equal parts German and Irish…

Photo--Lindsay MaxwellAnd what do you get—besides a nearly unprecedented feat of delicately balanced ethnic breeding?

Lindsay Price is a beauty whose looks transcend multiple heritages waging war on one another.  The daughter of parents who wed as legal siblings (yeah, we know), Price has reaped the benefits of a potent gene pool generated by her parents’ unusual union.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Price’s mother, adopted by her paternal grandfather, married her grandfather’s biological son.  

Rural Arkansas jokes aside, we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Price has a look that stands alone in Hollywood.  And her uniqueness has played a large role in a successful acting career that began when Lindsay was seven years old.  From the adorable Toys ‘R Us girl in the 80s to the fiery Janet Sosna on 90210, the daytime soap opera queen to the fashionista royalty she currently plays on NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, Price left her lasting mark on the small screen.

And it appears she is trying to do the same with the music world.

Like her complex lineage, Price’s career has begun to feature multiple facets.

Behind the shroud of her success in acting, Price has been nurturing a lifetime passion for singing.  The established pianist has been taking voice lessons for years and recently released her debut EP album, “Someone Like Me,” in early 2007.

The album was produced and distributed by Piller Records, a company owned by Price’s ex-husband, Shawn Piller.

“With music, there are no limits to this, and I can be anyone and any character I want to be,” Price has said, commenting on the differences between music and acting.  “It’s hard to express just how amazing it is to go through the process of starting a song from scratch and then recording and performing it live for people.”

It’s the equivalent of falling in love, getting pregnant, having a baby, and watching it grow up, a completely fulfilling experience.”


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