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Like Switzerland, Megan Fox Can’t Make Up Her Mind

Megan Fox recently admitted during an interview for the October issue of GQ Magazine that she spent many of her early days in Hollywood lusting after a stripper named Nikita, whom she showered with gifts of frankincense and myrrh in an attempt to pry the Russian-born tease away from the lure of the pole.

But the 22-year-old Transformers hottie, who is engaged to the original “white chocolate,” 90210‘s Brian Austin Green, insists she doesn’t necessarily swing one way or the other.  Instead, the not-so-innocent-looking brunette from Tennessee claims she is a big believer in the notion that all humans are inherently attracted to both sexes.

It was renowned Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud who introduced the theory that we all have a predisposition to bisexuality.  In his 1920 work entitled Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex, Freud contended that humans are “polymorphously perverse,” meaning we are capable of finding eroticism in any object, especially the occasional lap dance.

Whether you consider Freud’s thoughts to be fact or psychoanalytic BS, it is irrefutable that many women today share Fox’s sexual neutrality.  The popular men’s website recently cited a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that revealed nearly 6.9 million American women have engaged in a little girl-on-girl hanky-panky.

Read the full GQ interview…


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