Citizen Fall

A Personal Dissection of Barack Obama’s Religious Views

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

By Michael D. Citizen Fall Political Writer

The short answer to that often asked question is, no.  I, like many, have read various articles that suggest many voters will refuse to cast their ballot for Barack Obama because they genuinely believe Obama worships a religion that is known for breeding terrorism and the ideals of extreme fundamentalists.  The left-wing media has us believe that these people are rural, hayseed Republicans–inferior in intellect and a product of the ‘right-wing hate machine’–while we, by comparison, regardless of political affiliation, are not so easily influenced and operate on more reasonable rationale.

Of course, the truth of the matter is that no Republican has ever questioned Obama’s supposed Muslim faith.  The only one to have spoken about this issue is Obama himself, attempting to cast a shadow of racism on any negative allegation made against him.

My point for bringing this issue up is that I view the entire ‘Muslim question’ to be a mere red herring hiding the real skeleton in Obama’s closet, which is his Christian faith.

For the majority of his adult life, Obama has belonged to Trinity United Church of Christ.  He has calculated that he attended about two times a month for 20 years, which figures to be about 480 visits to the exclusively black church on the South Side of Chicago.  Not only was the Illinois senator baptized into the Christian faith by the previously little known Reverend Jeremiah Wright, but Obama and his wife, Michelle, were wed and the couple’s children baptized by the now controversial church leader.  Obama has had a long and committed history with his chosen church and spiritual mentor. Rev. Wright was even supposed to be on the podium with Obama in Springfield, Il., the day he announced his presidential candidacy.

What drew Obama to this community and his new spiritual advisor? After all, the inspiration of this church is not the love of Christ and all men, women and children on this earth.  No, the inspiration comes from a theory called Black Liberation Theology, which teaches that Jesus was actually a black Palestinian that was discriminated against and murdered by the oppressive white culture of his time, the Romans.  Obama’s church preaches that God is on the colored man’s side against evil whites and events like 9/11 are retribution sent from God to punish whites for there mistreatment of dark- skinned people all across the globe.

This radical form of theology was broadcasted shortly after that horrific day in 2001, when following the events of 9/11 Wright stated in a sermon that the United States was directly responsible for the thousands of lives lost in the deadliest terrorist attacks on American soil.  In his sermon, Wright quoted the late Malcom X, saying ‘America’s chicken’s have come home to roost,’ meaning our country was merely receiving payback for past acts of violence against other countries.

So, perhaps the question should not be what drew Obama to the Trinity United Church of Christ, but rather why he was drawn to such an extremist philosophy at such a late age.  I’m Catholic because I was born into the faith and raised as such. If I had been raised primarily without faith and decided to join a church as an adult, would I not be responsible for knowing what my church teaches? Of course I would be.  And Obama’s child-like assertions that he does not ascribe to the lunacy preached at his church, or even more ridiculously, that he never heard such things delivered from his church’s pulpit (remember, he attended roughly 480 of Wright’s services)  is an insult to every American’s intelligence.

No, Obama is not a Muslim, but he did join a church that is proud of their hatred of America. They are so proud of their leaders’ antics that they sell a ‘Best of Reverend Wright’s Sermons’ in the lobby of the church.  In that DVD you can find the sort of inflammatory anti-American speech we thought was reserved only for the likes of Osama Bin Laden.  Obama chose his church and hate filled spiritual mentor as an adult, then spent 20 years marinating in Rev. Wright’s anti-Americanism every other week.  Obama says he is going to change America, and regardless of whether his religious background is any indication, that means Obama supporters will flock to the polls in record numbers.

I, for one, am afraid to learn what kind of change is coming.


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