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Higher Taxes Hardly the Answer

Help Wanted?
By Michael D.,
Citizen Fall Political Writer

If you are currently unemployed and would like to continue seeing the proverbial ‘help wanted’ sign all across our nation, then you have only one person you should be voting for on election day. No, not Barack Obama, though he is portraying himself as the answer to all things in life.  But for all his supernatural and subhuman liberal powers, an Obama presidency will undoubtedly destroy the one issue that matters most to the country— the job market.

Obama preaches that this is the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression and he will guide us through it with his steady-handed leadership and Roosevelt-like ability to implement new ideas to get the economy back on track. So what is the messiah’s answer to the worst financial crisis in America in the last 70 years? His solution is to raise taxes on business. Barry is going to punish, with higher taxes, the very segment of our economy that we need most to get out of this financial malaise.

I feel sorry for Obama, because the idiocy of his economic plan, which is eerily similar to that of his other dim-witted policies, exposes how unprepared he is to accept the most important job in America. I feel that I need to explain to our future president how business works, and the fact that I have to do that scares me. But I’ll do it anyway.

First off, companies don’t pay taxes. When you buy a Big Mac from McDonalds, the taxes they have to pay to the government are included in the price of that juicy burger. That’s right, you are paying McDonald’s taxes. So, what happens when Obama raises taxes on McDonalds and all other American companies? Every American will be getting a tax raise because the goods and services these companies provide will go up in cost to satisfy their new tax obligations. I remember when an Extra Value Meal from McDonalds was $2.99, a far cry from today’s average of about $4.50. I don’t want to find out how much my Extra Value Meal will be under an Obama presidency.

Of course, options do exist for American companies to help them eleviate the burden created by soaring taxes. If competition is too tough from international companies (almost all European countries have lower corporate tax rates than the U.S.), and they can not raise prices on the consumer, businesses will be forced to cut costs instead. You know what that means? That means taking that help wanted sign out of the window or rescinding the ad in the classified section of the town paper.  Financially strapped American business owners will likely have to cut jobs as well, which will throw the country into an even worse economic turmoil.

In the last few days, this presidential race has been centered around a Toledo, Ohio, plumber named Joe, a white-collar, middle-class worker who may as well serve as the poster boy for each candidate’s campaign.  During last Wednesday’s final debate, Obama was harassing a neighborhood to vote for him when Joe decided to ask him if his taxes were going to be raised if and when the Democratic senator became president. Obama’s answer in a nut shell:  I don’t want to punish your success, but I will decidedly do so because I like to spread the wealth around.

Hmmm…socialism, not exactly music to small business owners’ ears.

America’s most famous plumber, free of any liberal brain-washing, had managed to get a rare straightforward response from Obama, which earned him not only piles of free advertising on national television, but overnight celebrity status among conservative America.

Not long after voicing his displeasure with the Obama tax plan, Joe the Plumber was vetted by the media, a la Sarah Palin, and we learned what a scum bag Joe the Plumber really is. It turns out that Joe doesn’t even have a plumber’s license and he owes back taxes. The message is clear to anyone watching:  IF YOU QUESTION DEMOCRATS, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED! If you are a conservative Republican who puts yourself into the public eye, you are a hero. You do so knowing that you and your family are going to be called everything in the book. Democrats know no depth when it comes to throwing out accusations at conservatives; retarded, racist, homophobe, sexist, war monger, etc. At the same time, Democrats are portrayed as innocent little things taking a sip of water from a stream. But I digress.

So, you are now saying to yourself, “this is simple.”  Lowering taxes helps the economy because it gives companies more money to reinvest in their workforce.  Resulting innovation and expansion create a rejuvenated workforce for Americans, which, in turn, generates more taxable revenue for the Federal government. So why does Barack want to raise the taxes of America’s job creators?

We all need to realize that when the Democrats raise taxes, it’s not about fairness or an attempt to help the economy, it is about power. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid think you are a dolt that has no idea how to wisely spend your hard earned money. In fact, it’s too dangerous to even allow you to have your money; you might buy a gun and join the N.R.A., or buy a Hummer and destroy the environment, or even worse, donate money to the G.O.P.. In their minds, it is best that you hand over your money to them so they can decide how to best spend it.  And, believe me, they have a lot of ideas on how to spend your money.

This whole economic crisis was created by liberal Democrats, yet we are being told the answer is to elect more Democrats. If you are looking for a job and want even a shred of hope in finding one, you must vote for John McCain.  McCain understands that in these difficult times, we should not raise taxes on anyone; not you, not me, not McDonald’s or any other company, large or small. Let’s keep jobs in America, let’s keep the Extra Value Meal at $4.50, let’s vote for John McCain.


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  1. Mike said, on October 29, 2008 at 2:27 am

    well said Mike. every time i hear Obama talk about the “redistribution of wealth” or the like, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

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