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The Right Choice: Pop Culture Icon or Tested War Hero?

By Michael D., Citizen Fall Political Writer

Is a true American hero going to lose the presidency to an effeminate liberal?

It would not be the first time.

The accomplishments of the “Greatest Generation” are well-documented; the fall of Nazism and Japanese Imperialism and the creation of television classics such as Leave it to Beaver. For years, the proud men and women of this respected generation served this country well, doing so with grace, work ethic and unwavering character.  Unfortunately, though, the generation that followed grew up, took off the bell-bottoms, cut their hair, took a shower (presumably to wash themselves of the drug-induced malaise of the 70s) and decided they wanted to run the country.

Hence, a changing of the guard took place in 1992, when George H.W. Bush lost the presidency to one of those hippies in a tailored suit.

George Herbert Walker Bush had a long and distinguished career serving our nation’s best interests. According to his biography, on his 18thbirthday, George enlisted in the armed forces, where he soon became the youngest pilot in the Navy to receive his wings. During one of his 58 combat missions in World War II, the future Head of State was shot down by Japanese anti-aircraft fire.  With his plane’s engine ablaze, Bush was forced to eject from his aircraft, but only after he managed to release bombs over his designated target.  He was later rescued by a U.S. submarine hours later near the Bonin Islands, just south of Japan. For his brave service, he was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

After serving two terms as the Vice President of the Untied States under President Reagan, Bush was elected to the presidency in 1988. Under the guide of his steady-handed leadership, America played a critical role in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Soviet Union.  Bush’s presidential resume was then completed with the successful expulsion of Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War.

Seems like more than an adequate prerequisite for a second term, does it not? Apparently, it wasn’t good enough for the fickle American public. Hampered by a media that constantly droned about the (non-existent) economic depression and a third party candidate by the name of Ross Perot, Bush fell to a rotund baby boomer named Bill Clinton.

What was Bill Clinton’s history? During the Vietnam war, Clinton spent much of his time dodging the draft and “not inhaling” bong smoke. Between hits, he used his time demonstrating against his country’s attempt to free the Vietnamese from blood thirsty communists. states that after Bill escaped his opportunity to serve our country, he started his political career off with a bang, losing a congressional race in 1974 before finally receiving his precious government job as Arkansas Attorney General in 1976. Clinton then went on to serve two nonconsecutive and unremarkable terms as Governor of Arkansas. No, there would be no Distinguished Flying Cross for Bill Clinton, though he did win an award for eating a Pointersaurus pizza in an hour.

Of course, with a Democrat in the presidential office, everything was perfect in America (if you don’t count having our beloved World Trade Center bombed by Islamic extremist, among other things). After all, who would have the guts to run against a president who spent more time hunting women than Islamic terrorists? All the Republican party could do was nominate another American hero to stop the Boner-in-Chief Clinton.

As it turned out, the conservative tactic to counter Clinton’s push for a second term was electing former Senate Minority Leader–and embattled war veteran–Bob Dole.

According to

In 1942, Bob Dole joined the Army to fight in World War II.  By April of 1945, he was fighting the Nazis in the hills of Italy. One of the platoon’s radio men was hit. Bob Dole crawled out of his foxhole to help him, but it was too late.  Suddenly, while trying to assist the downed radio man, Dole was hit by Nazi machine gun fire in the upper right back and his right arm was so damaged that it was unrecognizable. He was not expected to live. Dole waited nine long hours on the Italian battlefield before he was finally taken to the hospital. Bob Dole was twice decorated for heroic achievement, receiving two Purple Hearts for his injuries, and the Bronze Star Medal for his attempt to assist the downed radio man.

Again, this should have been an easy choice for the American public: a bloated womanizer, or a man that sacrificed life and limb for our country. The American people decided to chose “economic prosperity” over integrity again, and the U.S. ended up with Monica Lewinsky, impeachment and the slippery slope that ultimately led to the events of 9/11.

We currently have a chance to right these past wrongs by electing John McCain, an American hero, over a man that has never once sacrificed anything for his country. John McCain and Barack Obama’s history could not be any more dissimilar.  John went to school at the United States Naval Academy, while Barack went to Columbia University, a Mecca for liberal radicals. After school, John wasted no time serving his country in the Vietnam War, where he was tortured as a P.O.W. for over 5 years. By comparison, Obama engaged in a post-graduate move to Chicago to be in the center of radical black community organizing. I could continue to describe the absolute disparity between these two men’s lives, but anyone reading this should get the picture at this point.

Oh, by the way, John McCain’s naval honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. So I ask you: What’s better?  An endless list of military accolades earned for displaying valor, fortitude and courage?

Or gracing the cover of Ebony, Jet, Vibe and Essence?  Suck on that, McCain…

To get Bill Clinton elected over two true American patriots, the Democratic party convinced America that military service and character didn’t matter, and now they are close to convincing us that substance doesn‘t matter, either. Obama’s achievements and service to this country are non-existent.  In fact, he makes Bill Clinton look like Thomas Jefferson. America, when you get into that voting booth, you know that there is only one responsible choice for President.

Don’t make the same idiotic mistake a third time!


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  1. Pauletta said, on November 2, 2008 at 8:33 am

    Graduating 894 out of 899? Millions of dollars of damage to 2 planes caused by ‘inattentiveness to altitude’ (official navy report) and ‘daredevil clowning’ (McCain’s own words?) Dumped his disabled wife for a hotter, younger, richer model? Out of all the intelligent republican women he selects someone for VP who thinks Bono is the King of Ireland and can’t name a single supreme court case? Sounds like a proven hero to me 😛 So glad I moved from unenlightened St. Charles to the city where even the people who make $250,000+ and will pay another 3% in taxes see the wisdom of making the right choice on Tuesday.

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