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College Football

2008 College Football Senior Superlatives

Amazing how quickly four years of college can go by when you’re busy splitting time between term papers and drunken fornication.  But imagine how much faster things would transpire when those traditional collegiate activities are substituted with the adoration of the entire student body, an endless shower of lavish gifts from university boosters, and the promise of a million-dollar payday in lieu of a diploma. [Photo Credit]


2008 College Football Preview

Now that all my wishing is out of the way, it’s time to get down to business and make all that summer yearning a reality. It is officially college football season, my friends. And to celebrate the momentous occasion, Citizen Fall bestows upon you its comprehensive CFB preview, where you’ll find everything from breakdowns of each of the major conferences to BCS bowl game predictions, as well as my list of Heisman Trophy finalists. Know well that the following information was constructed with extreme favor, unmistakable bias and general hatred for the BCS.  Get it all here…

Conference Previews: ACC . Big 12 . Big 10 . Pac 10 . SEC . Big East . Non-BCS/Indy

BCS Bowl Predictions . Heisman Finalists


’08 College Football Wish List

It is once again that time of year when I feel all tingly-jingly in feverish anticipation of another college football season. With only four days until official kickoff, I have decided to work up a rudimentary list of things that would only make what is sure to be a blissful season that much more stimulating. Now, keep in mind that a number of these are quite realistic (like Tim Tebow performing circumcisions), while others border on the sublime and exist only to whet my off-the-wall imagination.


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