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Linkage: Say Hello To E-Harmony’s Newest Member

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on April 15, 2009

Padres closer Heath Bell joins the club (San Diego Union-Tribune via Sports by Brooks)

Dana Allen wants you to play Connect the Tatoos (Gorilla Mask)

Jay Cutler’s vices follow him to Chicago (Not Qualified to Comment, New York Post)

It’s not every day you’re lucky enough to see a 1983 DeLorean (Observation Bubble)

Perhaps the cause was Glenn Beck wearing a sports coat with Chuck Taylors (Totally Crap)

After getting dumped by one, Lindsay joins E-Harmony in search of more 12-year-old boys (Spike)

Jamie Foxx tells a “little white bitch” to “do some heroin” (E!)

Perverts know no bounds…why on Easter, man? (WWTDD)

This would be less homosexual if it didn’t involve the phrase “explosive legs” and pairs of old-school Reebok tennis shoes [This is the pillar of ESPN’s early 90s morning programming, by the way] (With Leather)

This doesn’t seem ergonomically possible, but who are we to judge innovation (Tasty Booze)