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Meagan Good Seductively Defines Cultural Ambiguity

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on March 28, 2009

She looks just like Jessica Alba, if only Jessica Alba was one-eighths Puerto Rican, Jewish, African, Barbadian, Black, and four other races and cultures that we don’t care to mention.

She is Meagan Good, the chick with the best lips this side of Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger.

For all we know, those two could have had a threesome with Denzel Washington to bring us this 21-year-old beauty.

Not that it really matters; Meagan’s hot and easy to look at. Which is good enough for us.


Marisa Miller Renders All Other Females Ugly For Remainder of 2009

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on February 21, 2009

The votes have been counted—but who really gives a shit. We all knew where this was going, anyway.

Narrowly missing out on last year’s title thanks to a late push by Kate Beckinsale, Marisa Miller has been proactively named’s Sexiest Woman on the Planet for 2009.

As a tribute, the site features a massive set of Miller pics that accurately portrays the imminent nature of her victory.

The famed Sports Illustrated cover model dominated the group stage and glided past the likes of Beckinsale, Megan Fox, Andriana Lima, and Jessica Alba on her way to the finals, where she pistol-whipped Jessica Biel by 26 percentage points.