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Linkage: Russell James Is Our New Favorite Photographer

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on April 8, 2009

Photo by Russell James

The city of Toronto gets cut off from their Molson at the ballpark (Awful Announcing/With Leather)

Playboy includes tasers among golf tournament attendance prizes (Yardbarker)

NFL teams blur the line of ethical Facebook behavior (Sports by Brooks)

Redskins weed out the wholesome types by ghettofying cheerleader tryouts (Busted Coverage)

Speaking of cheerleaders, Abigail Klein seems fun (Uncoached)

The Simmons/O’Reilly feud that wasn’t fizzles out (Deadspin)

Mitsubishi gives us a thrill with 82 inches of pleasure (Gizmodo)

God bless you, Russell James (Totally Crap)

Reby Sky may be the only semi-professional quarterback with pierced nipples (Reby

One man who’s not sad to see Blockbuster taking one on the chin (Observation Bubble)

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Linkage: Jennifer Stano Would Be Sexier If She Looked People In the Eye

Posted in Linkage by ryedog on March 3, 2009

Excerpts from Alyssa Milano’s newest best-seller [Deadspin]

Lane Kiffin’s staff turns to nudity from the belt up to bolster recruiting [Sports by Brooks]

Primate love makes its return [With Leather]

Miley Cyrus is either having a full-body convulsion or running [on 205th]

ESPN presents its encore to Black History Month [Awful Announcing]

“Man-Bor” pisses off Dodgers owner McCourt [SI]

Marisa Miller prefers to play guitar with her socks on [Banned in Hollywood]

Here’s to ripping on Peter King [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Even NFL kickers can be a little too over-confident [Busted Coverage]

Jennifer Stano is easy on the eyes [Gunaxin]

Australia’s gift to the male race [Chickipedia]

Marisa Miller Renders All Other Females Ugly For Remainder of 2009

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on February 21, 2009

The votes have been counted—but who really gives a shit. We all knew where this was going, anyway.

Narrowly missing out on last year’s title thanks to a late push by Kate Beckinsale, Marisa Miller has been proactively named’s Sexiest Woman on the Planet for 2009.

As a tribute, the site features a massive set of Miller pics that accurately portrays the imminent nature of her victory.

The famed Sports Illustrated cover model dominated the group stage and glided past the likes of Beckinsale, Megan Fox, Andriana Lima, and Jessica Alba on her way to the finals, where she pistol-whipped Jessica Biel by 26 percentage points.