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Obscurity Never Looked So Good

Judging by the pictures, we can only assume that Brandy Grace is some sort of model by trade, whether it be of the lacey undies or souped-up gangster ride variety.  Sadly,  the background on the Asian Munster, Indiana native is vague at best.  How do we know this?  Because when we went in search of some revealing snapshots, Ms. Grace’s personal website was marred by a “Coming Soon” banner.  But who needs a multi-paged resume when you have a rump that doubles as a forcefield capable of deflecting quarters.  To be honest, though, we must admit we’re a bit apprehensive about posting any pics that may boost the 23-year-old’s career, for the CF is all about uncovering those diamonds in the rough that other blogs are too snooty to take a chance on.

    Photos courtesy of Chikipedia/Ask Men


The Week That Was

Picture-perfect proof that celebrity status requirements don’t include any noticeable talent, let alone a brain stem, “The Hills” Audrina Patridge has made a huge splash in Hollywood thanks to her lack of acting skills and even more evident absence of coherence.  Lucky for her, reality television places little stock in a person’s soul and relishes minimal personality.  Lucky for us, though, Patridge is easy on the eyes.  Otherwise, she’d probably be as useless as a nun’s rack.



Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Marissa Miller is a Christian girl with a big heart who donates religiously to the American Cancer Society.  But don’t tell your atheist friends; they’ll make fun of you for lusting after a “Bible-pusher.”  It will be only a matter of time, however, until they come around upon learning that the Barbie-like Miller (5’8″, 110 lb., 34D) is also an avid football fan who admits she would have been a sportscaster if she were uglier.  If that doesn’t do the trick, the bodypaint will.



Not much can be found on Lucy Pinder, though you can check out Wikipedia if you consider yourself too stupid to decipher whether or not her breasts need their own zip code.  Such is the volumptuousness of her 32G mammary glands, that blokes all across the UK have designated them as the mainland’s premiere pair of funbags and Amy Winehouse’s secondary snuff storage facility. 



Jessica Chobot:  Making Nerds Cool Again

She’s the girl that could whoop your ass in Madden and dismiss you just as quickly in Halo while she does her nails.  Jessica Chobot is the smoldering techie whose in-depth knowledge gives geeks pleasant dreams and the rest of us a serious growth problem in our crotchal region.  Chobot first entered the scene in 2005, when an innocent modeling photo depicting her french kissing a PSP hit the web, instantly making the 31-year-old Buffalo native the stereotypical overnight sensation.  Since then, the Sony-inspired makeout session has launched a career in entertaiment journalism and now has Chobot manning the mic for Maxim Sirius Radio as a regular contributor on “The Stretch Show.”  If only it was this easy to break into the media field, I’d take out years of pent-up sexual frustration on my original XBox, but that’s a whole different story. 

Oh, yeah.  And Chobot grabbed the no. 88 spot on’s top 99 list.

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Leryn Franco Helps the Days Fly By





 View the slideshow (MS Powerpoint needed)

Photos courtesy of TMZ


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  1. Michael said, on October 11, 2008 at 4:31 am

    This site is a perverts delight! Thank you sir.

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