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A Crystal McCahill Post Is Always Good

Posted in Ladies by ryedog on June 8, 2009

One half of the hottest (and only) mother-daughter Playmate combo in Playboy history is beginning to make her mark. And here’s a hint: it’s not Crystal McCahill‘s AARP-eligible mother.

No disrespect to Momma McCahill, for we are sure she is very lovely in a June Cleaver sort of way, but we get the sneaking suspicion the all-important 18-49 male audience would prefer we link to images a little more, uh, appropriate.

Unless, of course, you’re into the older women, in which case you’ll have to get your fix somewhere else.

Crystal was asked to seductively pose in the nude for a photographer and a host of other creepy crew members in last month’s edition of Playboy—and we have the pictures to prove it (NSFW, obviously), albeit one month after the fact.

This post would have appeared sooner, but, frankly, we’ve been a little too busy lately with things other than your salacious porn habit.

If pictures of Crystal still won’t do it, you have one of two options: 1) start dating men, or 2) book the poor girl for a magazine signing to be held in your windowless van parked in a vacant lot.

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